Buyers FAQ


Who can register as a buyer

To buy on food-stock, you have to be wholesaler or importer. You do not have to worry about being approved during registration as we check your data before activating your account.

Which countries does food-stock buy surplus goods from

There are no general restrictions.
The majority of the sellers at food-stock are from Western Europe. Please contact us beforehand if your location is outside Europe.

Germany – Austria – France – Italy – Spain – Netherlands – Switzerland – Belgium – Luxembourg – Monaco – Ireland – Finland - Sweden

Which countries does food-stock sell surplus goods to

As mentioned above, there are no general restrictions. Most offers have selling restrictions to protect the sellers’ main market. Please contact food-stock to find out about the delivery costs to your location.

Poland – Russia – Czech Republic – Ukraine – Belarus – Romania – Bulgaria – Slovakia – Hungary – Lithuania – Turkey – Estonia - Croatia

How can I change my user data

When logged in, you have to select the tab “profile”. You may change your contact data and the product categories you are dealing with. Changes to your resale countries may only be made by the food-stock administration. Please contact us for help.


How am I protected as a buyer

All sellers are verified before they can generate an offer. Food-Stock offers more than a B2B platform – you have your reliable contact person with us!
For every deal and every question. To ensure that you are protected in the best possible way, food-stock handles the whole process, including payment and delivery.


What kind of products can I buy

Food-Stock is specialised in food of any kind, including feed, drinks and tobacco. Other goods for daily use such as detergents, cosmetics or pharmaceutics may be sold too. 

Can I see all available offers

The offers you see are filtered according your own selection of resale countries and interesting product categories.

What does a product request mean and what consequences does it have

Your request for a product is 100% non-binding. When reaching an agreement in terms of price and quantity, an internationally enforceable contract is concluded.


Who do I pay

As agreed upon with the seller and you, you may pay food-stock or the seller himself. This influences the definite date of your payment. The invoice can be addressed to you or food-stock.

When do I pay

As mentioned above, the definite date of your payment depends on the chosen form of payment. You may either pay well in advance or on collection.

How do I pay

There are 3 possible forms of payment

  • Bank transfer in advance to food-stock
  • Bank transfer in advance to seller
  • Cash on collection

The final choice of payment form is determined by the seller.

What does buying at food-stock cost me

You will just pay the agreed stock price and – if you do not collect the goods by yourself – the delivery costs. There is no general transaction fee. Please ask us about the exact costs for delivery beforehand.


Who delivers the goods to me

Food-Stock works with a network of delivery companies. After years of cooperation, these companies are known to be reliable and reputable. The delivery company is chosen to fit to your location and locations of the goods.

When will the goods be delivered

The goods will be delivered as soon as possible and as you wish. If you are required to fill your truck, please talk to us before purchase.

What does delivery cost me

There is no fixed rate for delivery. Please ask about the exact costs for delivery beforehand. The costs may vary as food-stock has a wide network of companies and one will be chosen that best fits your location and the location of the chosen goods.

Can I collect the surplus goods by myself

You can collect goods yourself in almost every case.

Where can I collect the goods

Food-Stock has no warehouse of its own. When opening the product details, you may see the country and city in which the stock is located.