Sellers FAQ


Who can register as a seller

When it comes to sellers, food-stock it is geared to producers and wholesalers. You do not have to worry about whether you fit into that category or not – your registration will be checked by the food-stock administration before your account may be activated.

Which countries does food-stock buy surplus goods from

There are no general restrictions. The majority of the sellers at food-stock are from Western Europe. Please contact us beforehand if your location is outside Europe.

Germany – Austria – France – Italy – Spain – Netherlands – Switzerland – Belgium – Luxembourg – Monaco – Ireland – Finland – Sweden

Which countries does food-stock sell surplus goods to

As mentioned above, there are no general restrictions. The majority of the buyers at food-stock are from eastern Europe. As a seller, you decide which countries your product may be sold to. On request, we can provide you with documented evidence demonstrating compliance with your restrictions.

Poland – Russia – Czech Republic – Ukraine – Belarus – Romania – Bulgaria – Slovakia – Hungary – Lithuania – Turkey – Estonia – Croatia


How am I protected as a seller

Only verified professionals (mainly wholesalers) are able to see offers. This view is filtered according to their stated interesting product categories and sales markets. You will be paid in advance or in cash – no purchase on account, no problems with insolvent customers anymore. Food-Stock offers more than a B2B platform – you have a reliable contact person with us! For every deal and every question. Before collection, you will receive the license plate number of the truck and a validation-number.

How does food-stock ensure brand protection

Only verified professionals (mainly wholesalers) are able to see offers. Buyers may NOT see any information about your company. Food-Stock does not use your brand or products for advertising at any time. You do not have to use brand names as a title – a descriptive label is sufficient. At your request, we may repack your product at collection. You can choose the allowed resale countries of your goods with every offer.


What can I sell

Food-Stock is specialised in food of any kind, including feed, drinks and tobacco. Other goods for daily use such as detergents, cosmetics or pharmaceutics may be sold too.

Which category does my offer belong to

Some products match different categories. If you are unsure, just ask an employee of food-stock for help

How can I add photos to my offer

When logged in as a seller, the first thing you see is the button “new product”. You fill in the required data and upload pictures from your computer. You do not have to format or resize the photos.


Who pays me

In most cases, you will be paid by food-stock; sometimes cash may be requested on collection, but it is your decision to allow this or not.

When do I get paid

You will be paid in advance so you do not have to deal with insolvent purchasers. Everything else depends on the chosen form of payment.

How do I get paid

How you will be paid depends on the buyers’ request and special circumstances (for example with buyers we do not have experience with). You as a seller have the final word. You decide whether you will receive a bank transfer in advanced or cash on collection.

What does selling on food-stock cost me

You will not have to pay any acquisition fee. If you have chosen cash on collection, food-stock does issue a commission invoice afterwards.



When will the goods be collected

The definite date of collection will be discussed with you. In some cases, it may take some time as the buyers are reliant on getting their truck filled but you would know in advance.

Who collects my surplus goods

Depending on your decision, your goods will be collected either by food-stock or the buyer himself. Food-Stock works with a network of delivery companies. After years of cooperation, these companies are known to be reliable and reputable.

How does collection take place

n order to protect you and your buyers, a validation number and the licence plate number of the delivery vehicle are communicated to you. Please check for matching numbers before you hand over the goods. Repacking on collection is possible on request.